Vicki Horton
Language Arts
Social Studies
Allison Wiley

Team Coordinater - Vicki Horton

The "MacMutt" name comes from the fact that we were the first team to make wide use of the Macintosh computer way back when, and because we have never considered ourselves to be anything special. We are "mutts" as it were, and have always taken great pride in having very good students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. Mr. Pricher is an original MacMutt, as are Mr. Fones and Mr. Bailey, who are still teaching here. Ms. Horton came on board seventeen years ago. During the school terms for 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 Horton and Pricher were on the Dazzling Dawg team, but when the MacMutt name became available again we jumped at taking it back.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy

2008-2010 MacMutt Lead Dogs and Top Dogs

2006-2008 MacMutt Lead Dogs and Top Dogs

2004-2006 Dazzling Dawg Lead Dogs and Top Dogs