Attendance Make-Up Policy

Every day that a student is absent four percentage points are deducted from the attendance grade.  If a student wishes to return those four points for an EXCUSED absence, the student must write a one-page paper describing the importance of one of the subjects learned in school to life as an adult.  This paper is to be turned in to Mr. Pricher and will restore credit in all four academic classes.  There is no deadline for this report as there is for assigned work.  Assigned work must be turned in no later than one calendar week from the day the student returns to class.


Make-Up Reports Graduated Scale

for CONSECUTIVE Absences


4 - 6 days       ............  4 reports

7 - 9 days       ............  5 reports

10 - 12 days    ............  6 reports

More than 12 days  ............  (see Mr. Pricher)


— Topic Examples —

Importance of Science to a Landscape Consultant

Importance of Mathematics to a Lawyer

Importance of Geography to a Ship Captain

Importance of Writing to an Accountant

Importance of Reading to a Medical Doctor

Importance of Computers to a Cashier