From about 1977 until about 1983 I was into what I might call my "poetry-writing years."  I can't say exactly why this particular phase of my life created this avenue for me, but I suspect it has something to do with the opposite sex.  I don't really know if any of my poetry is any good.  I have long sinse stopped concerning myself with such issues.  I know I now find my old poetry somewhat amusing and think that perhaps some of you may as well.

I hesitate to include this material at my site because there is always a chance that someone will take it too seriously.  Please don't.  I was inspired to include my poetry upon a visit to a Geocities neighbor's site.  I do not remember who that neighbor was, unfortunately, or I would give them some sort of credit.  Maybe it's just as well, though, because I am confident they would not want to be saddled with any of the "blame."

I have a couple of hundred poems in all.  Not all of them have any sort of chance of being displayed anywhere, even at my own site, but I will get to the ones I want displayed a little at a time.  They will all have to be typed, unless I decide to scan them, because most were written at a time when my typewriter was my primary tool for communication.  Remember those days?  We'll see what comes.  Have a look if you're brave enough.  If you find something you like, let me know if you wish.  If you do not find anything you like, please don't hold it against me.  Remember that I am not making my living doing this.  I am much better at teaching than I am at writing poetry.  Trust me.

In my looseleaf binder of poetry, which I had search high and low for when I decided to take on this task, has the poetry divided into categories.  I make no guraratees about the accuracy of the categories.  I will leave them as they are for now.  They were decided upon when I was younger, and perhaps more diligent.

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