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Greetings from the Sunshine State. My daughters, Nicci and Jean Leigh, are native Floridians, as are both their parents, all four of their grandparents, and at least one of their great-grandparents. Obviously, we like it here. We hear from people all over the place as a result of this web page, and we like that, too. We'd like to hear from you. Our address (Email and Snail Mail) is listed below.

We are glad you stopped by.

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Jean Leigh's Web Site

Jean Leigh

Rascal and Circle do not have a Website at present.

I would be happy to hear from you. If you have some information to share, questions to ask, or opinions to express, contact me. If you're the parent of a middle school student and would like to discuss mathematics curriculum content, standards, instructional strategies, or how you might help your child, I'd be happy to correspond with you. If you're a teacher and would like to share your thoughts, I'd also be pleased. Anyway, I am

Jerry Pricher
5138 20th Street
Zephyrhills, FL 33542
Phone (813) 788-2547


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