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There are currently about eighty thousand names in my database, mostly from the southeastern United States. I am no longer working actively on this, and I may not do so again until I retire, and that could be as much as eight years hence. Anyway, I have left my descendants list intact in case you are interested.


I have taught mathematics at the middle school level for thirty years. I have some thoughts to share about current controversies in mathematics education. I wrote these a few years ago mostly to reassure parents, but some of the points I wish to make have become even more timely in light of recent political practices. I am very much opposed, as you might guess, to the current trend of high-stakes testing. There is plenty of evidence that is is detrimental to kids, but that does not seem to stop the politicians, Business Round Table, or the publishing companies from pushing it.


During the seventies and early eighties I dabbled a bit with poetry. I thought it might be a "hoot" to share some here. No critics, please. It's just for fun!



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